RAPture Testimonials

Pinky of Wellington told us:

RAPture has been a godsend when I have a longer sitting or get tattooed in a particularly painful place. It helped me to zone out and have the mental strength to endure the pain. Smells awesome too!”

Tara of Auckland told us:

"RAPture helped through a long session on one of "those"spots. Calming and soothing. My shakes stopped and we finished my inner elbow, I wish Le'Esscience had made this when I had my ribs done! I'm loving the scents they create."

Ann of Melbourne told us:

"I used RAPture today and OMG its really good, am blown away how much it helped me get thru the session :)"

Char (Nursey at Dr Morse Inc.) of Wellington told us:

Working in a busy tattoo studio, I have seen & felt my fair share of tattoos. Some areas on the body are a walk in the park compared to others. The pain threshold of the client has a lot to do with tolerance too. For those don't deal well with pain (or even just those who want to try something new), RAPture offers a unique, 100% natural chance to ease you through the process.

We have been trialing RAPture with clients for the last 6 months and have had a great response. I recently had two 3 hour sessions on my rib/hip area and can personally testify to its benefits. It doesn't numb the pain completely, but just takes the edge off and helps the body deal with the shock of being tattooed.