PLEASE NOTE: For health & surgery recovery, any orders received after August 22, will not be made up and dispatched until week commencing September 10. If I am well enough, I may process orders sooner but won't be able to make this decision until after surgery. I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your continued support of my NZ made hand-blended TINKture products. Kindest Gillian

TINKture Aftercare - the original 100% natural vegan product.

The recipe and ingredients of TINKture Aftercare are a 'Trade Secret' and are protected as such under strict secrecy guidelines.
TINKture is made from 100% pure essential oils & plant based carrier oils.

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TINKture, a premium topical aftercare product, is made specifically to assist in the healing of new tattoos, cosmetic tattooing & piercings, TINKture is unique in the fact it is made from 100% pure essential oils & carrier oils. It doesn't just soothe, but will greatly assist the healing process.

The properties of the essential oils in TINKture are analgesic, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating.

TINKture (Aftercare) has been made to assist with the following (if used as directed):

TINKture does not contain any nut based carrier oils so is safe to use if someone suffers nut allergies. TINKture is a topical product and must not be ingested - use only as directed.

  • Providing pain relief
  • Greatly reducing swelling & bruising
  • Providing relief during the itching stage
  • Powerful but gentle antiseptic/antibacterial properties
  • Aids in speeding the healing process

TINKture is a 'wound healing' product, a fresh tattoo, in all it's beauty, is a fresh wound and requires proper care & protection!

Tattoo aftercare products don’t need to be thick & greasy to have the moisturising effects required to stop the skin from tightening.

TINKture has lovely fine, light texture, it will not stick to clothing or bedding and a little goes a long way! We recommend the 35ml bottle for sitting 2 hours plus, the 20ml for less than 2-hour sittings (smaller tattoos). TINKture has a shelf life of 12-18months (if kept away from heat and sunlight) so can be stored and used for subsequent tattoos.

TINKture comes in a convenient, easy to carry around, no leak dripulator bottle. Only a thin layer need be applied and we recommend you use it 'little & often'.

TINKture has been tested by some pretty tough tattooed critics and getting rave reviews from Tattoo artists & their clients worldwide - TINKture aftercare products are for topical use - external use only.


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