TINKture Tattoo Aftercare is a premium product (launched March 2011) made by clinically-trained New Zealand Clinical Aromascience Practitioner, Gillian Parkinson of Le'Esscience Ltd. It's a 100% natural & vegan blend made with high-quality carrier & essential oils that can greatly assist in the healing of your wonderful new tattoo!  TINKture won the Consumer Product Category (Nov 2011) at the Grow Wellington Bright Ideas Challenge - Award Win

RAPture Calming Synergy is 100% natural & vegan - an inhalation product - you use it by deeply inhaling from the bottle (or drops on a tissue) during the particularly rough and painful inking moments!  It is excellent at helping you get through and will revive you quicker should you feel faint & light headed.

TINKture Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare & TINKture Piercing Aftercare were added to the range in July 2017. These products are also 100% natural & vegan.

The TINKture range & RAPture are the products of Clinical Aromascience Practitioner and business woman Gillian Parkinson of Le’Esscience Limited.  Gillian has a practice in Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand, where she sees clients on a consultation basis and prepares 100% natural essential oil complimentary health products using pure high-quality essential oils, and carrier oils.  Le’Esscience Limited was formed in 2009.

Gillian can be contacted at Gillian@LeEsscience.co.nz